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We are part of the Shopify Partners program, specializing in the design and custom development of e-commerce stores on the Shopify Platform for the Fashion and Lifestyle industry. We work across the spectrum both with small brands just needing a helping hand getting set up with ‘Basic Shopify’ to larger brands that have scaled to meet the needs of the advanced ‘Shopify Plus’ platform.

Why Shopify?

Shopify is an all encompassing e-commerce platform designed to offer brands across the world a reliable, easy to use space in which to grow their brand and sell products worldwide. Shopify is completely cloud-based and hosted which means you don’t have to worry about upgrading or maintaining software or web servers.

smashtess.com - Blog

smashtess.com - Blog

smashtess.com - Size Calculator

smashtess.com - Size Calculator


Smash + Tess are a hugely successful loungewear company, home of the original (ladies!) Romper and based in Vancouver BC. We were recommended to them from another client after hearing of the struggles they faced with their existing website and agency they were using. After spending some time talking through the problems (think website crashing under pressure during crucial sales, lack of regular design updates), looking at their site and considering their wish list we migrated the store from Woocommerce and Wordpress to Shopify and it was the best decision ever.

The Shopify store has gone from strength to strength and now spans both a Canadian and US specific site as well as utilizing the Shopify Plus platform. Although the initial design template of the store was a pre-purchased theme we have spent a lot of time working on custom design and developments for the store. One of the most unique features being our ‘Size Calculator’ App – a pop up that calculates what size Romper you should order based on your height, weight and lots of research that we did prior to launch. We also manage the day to day running of the site and provide daily email support and problem solving for the entire Smash + Tess team.

2018 saw the launch of their blog. Compared to more traditional blogging platforms like Wordpress, Shopify is quite limiting with the default customization options it offers but that’s never stopped us before!

Custom things we did outside the Shopify box include:

+ Infinite scroll on homepage
+ Custom illustrated & color coded categories
+ Slideshow showcase at top of homepage
+ Shop related product links in blog post sidebar
+ Instagram feed in blog post sidebar
+ Generally just made it look real pretty 

I just wanted to take the opportunity to thank you profusely for being such an amazing support system. You have no idea how much of a struggle it was working with our previous team. Working with you is way more fun and you don’t f*&k up... like ever!
— Ashley Freeborn, Co-Founder & MD, Smash + Tess Dreamweaver inc.
moxxly.com - Launch December 2018

moxxly.com - Launch December 2018

moxxly.com - Launch December 2018

moxxly.com - Launch December 2018


The designers at Moxxly approached us with some wireframes for a new website that looked great but they weren’t quite sure how to translate it in to reality. Together, we tweaked, custom coded, tweaked & custom coded some more the site to match their vision creating the fun & unique store you can visit today. When adding these new custom features to the site we also created & exposed user-friendly, more traditional Shopify style sections within the theme editor so that they can maintain & update 99% of the site themselves after handover 🙌.

Among other things we created:

+ A custom blog layout with color coded sections
+ Accordion style FAQ page
+ Lots of mobile optimization
+ Lots of overall layout & branding refinement
+ Custom page layouts outside the simple Shopify default
+ Freshdesk help center customization to match theme

We love working with you! 😘
— @moxxlyinc, Instagram



Originally, we were contracted to work on graphic design but after working with the brand for a year or two we noticed the brands web store was in need of a revamp so we migrated the site from wordpress and woocommerce to Shopify and they haven’t looked back since! Jackson Rowe uses an external warehouse to pick & pack orders so we also integrated the store with the Blastramp order management system so that all online orders are automatically processed and shipped without the need for any additional steps.

Since the migration to Shopify we also updated the design of the web store each year to keep things looking fresh and new, often using an external theme pre-set with custom modifications. The benefit of using an external theme with customizations is that it is a quick and more economical way of regularly changing the appearance of the site without having to spend too much time designing something from scratch which isn’t always in a clients budget or timescale.


Bambi & Birdie are a boutique Baby & Mama clothing company based in Abbotsford, BC producing gorgeous bamboo pyjamas in a variety of whimsical prints each season. Bambi & Birdie were recommended to us by another web client we had worked with after they started setting up a Shopify store but weren’t 100% happy with it. They struggled a little with the design, functionality, layout and user experience so contracted us to take over, give the store a make over and some well deserved TLC. To support the wholesale strategy we added wholesale login and ordering capabilities on the site and created PDF lookbooks to illustrate and sell the range to stores.

After completing this project we still make occasional seasonal updates to the store, keeping it looking fresh and helping upload new products when they need an extra pair of hands.


After originally working with Victoria based Hey Baby on their t-shirt graphics and fabric prints, they asked us to set up their new e-commerce store as they were struggling with design and process limitations of their old platform. Hey Baby wanted a clean looking site that was easy to manage themselves once we had set it up on their behalf so we suggested Shopify for its user-friendly backend experience and successfully migrated the store.


We were introduced to Little Nest & Co. through Bambi & Birdie. Little Nest + Co. had a Shopify site already set up but it needed tidying up - navigation and page layout, newsletter subscriber pop-up, collection re-organization, the addition of an Instagram feed and help with general page formatting to make it easier to read and use. After we gave the site a spring clean we handed the management back over to the team at Little Nest + Co. but offer ongoing advice via email if and when technical issues or updates are required.