Who we are.

We are a British Team who have lived in Vancouver, Canada since 2013. Hollie has a background in Fashion Design, working for a number of leading clothing retailers in the UK before going Freelance when emmigrating to Canada. Since then she has developed further skills in graphic design, web design and e-commerce management. Alex has worked in the Visual Effects industry for close to 15 years. He specializes in Software development, computer programming and all the technical backend things. Percy, well, he's just good at giving cuddles.


Chief Creative

  • Running REALLY far
  • Coke Zero
  • Coffee


Technical Whizz

  • Bikes
  • Coding
  • Running REALLY far


Office Assistant

  • Eating
  • Sleeping
  • Skateboards

Graphic Design

Our experience is pretty broad and each project pretty unique. We've learnt to adapt to each and every client, understand their needs and tailor each project to fit. We offer Graphic Design services including but not limited to event logos, brand logos, printed promotional materials, seasonal lookbooks, social media content, packaging and photoshop colour editing services (for those times that you just can't get the sample made quick enough from the factory!)


We started as print and pattern designers for clothing and that area will always have a special piece of our hearts. Cute and quirky monsters or more sophisticated watercolour florals, send us ideas and we will happily take on the challenge! Our experience working in-house with major retailers worldwide ensures designs are commercial, achievable and cost-effective (oh, and pretty, always pretty!)

Web Development

Our Technical Team love the challenge of solving problems. Really, they're kinda nerdy like that. Getting stuck knee deep in code is our jam so send us your technical challenges and we will be only too happy to fix it! We try our hardest to avoid the word no and offer workarounds and solutions to fit any budget or timeline.


Once upon a time we dreamt of starting our own brand and selling it online. Instead, we settled for something even better. Managing yours! We love, love, LOVE working with small (and bigger!) local brands trying to take over the world but who don't quite have the technical background or experience to build or manage their own site. Or, perhaps you do but just don't have the time for it? We know just how hard it can be juggling the demands of your business, let us remove some stress!

How we work.

1 Send us an email. Tell us a little about yourself, perhaps send us your instagram handle so we can follow you and learn more (ours is @holdencollective BTW). A little explanation about what you want from us would be great too!

2 We will review your project, do a little research and perhaps ask you a couple more questions before providing you with rates and a timeline for completion. In this day and age it's not often we are far from our inbox so expect to hear back from us within 24-48hrs.

3 We deliver you an awesome project, on time and in budget forming helping you elevate your business to the next level! We won't let you down and 9/10 (maybe 10/10 to be honest) it is the start of a beautiful, on-going relationship! xo